Passover 2014 at the Hilton Del Mar, San Diego CALIFORNIA

San Diego CALIFORNIAHappy Holidays would like to welcome you to an unforgettable Passover. We are devoted to making sure that your entire holiday will be spent in comfort and lavishness, while you enjoy an enriching experience.

This year, Happy Holidays is pleased to offer its Passover program at one of the most exceptional resort style hotels  in Southern California, the Del Mar Hilton. Located in the seaside village of Del Mar, this San Diego hotel is only minutes away from immaculate beaches, championship golf courses, LEGOLAND theme park, the world renowned San Diego Zoo, and Sea World.It is also located less than two hours away from Los Angeles.

We have reserved the entire property for the Passover days, so that we can unsure that our guests exclusively will be able to enjoy the hotel as one big family during these holy days.

During your stay, Happy Holidays will offer ten days of exceptional dining experiences, diverse programs that cater to all guest needs, inspiring sermons from top lectures, fun social gatherings for the whole family, and a wide array of entertainment. From a hypnotist to an illusionist, the entertainment provided during Hol Ha`moed will be unforgettable. In addition to our Chol Ha’moed performances, we will offer myriad of leisure activities. Our program is held to the highest Kashrus and Halachik standards. All the info and content on this page is taken from Jewish Travel  

We look forward to having you.


Happy Holidays is proud to present you a royal service of Glatt kosher for Passover`s finest cuisine served to you in the luxurious Hilton hotel, yet we will ensure that your Seder will be intimate with your family around your table, surrounded by the Chag spirit and ambience.

hotel roomOur main three options for Seder are:

1. Group Seder services led by our Rabbi.
2. Semi- private Seder: A dedicated table for your family in the main ballroom, which allows you to have your privacy among the group.
3. Private Seders in a entire separate room for your exclusive use

Our program is GLATT KOSHER FOR PASSOVER with the highest kosher standards and restrictions: Glatt kosher beef, handmade Matza shmura at all times, Cholov Yisroel and more. Our Rav Machshir will be at site for entire koshering time as well as the entire Passover 9 days.


Our program will inspire you throughout Passover. With our great Rabbi`s sermons on Shabbos and Yom Tov, you will have your kosher for Passover “food for the soul”. Moreover, classes of Daf Yomi as well as a variety of subjects are being offered while you enjoy our daily activities.


  • Eruv on premises.
  • Personal service to open your room`s door & elevator use.
  • Synagogue on the hotel premises
Happy Holidays program is designed to provide you the best services with extensive activities including day and evening entertainment for all age ranges such as comedy night, magician, B.B.Q night, movie night, story tellers, puppet shows and much more!


hotel poolFor kids
Happy Holidays offers children and teen programs which are being run by devoted and experienced staff in order for you to take some time for yourself, enjoy your vacation, and have a “Happy Holiday”!Our exceptional day camp is sure to keep your kids eager and joyful during your Passover vacation. The day camp includes games, arts and crafts, prizes and much more. Our experienced counsellors will make sure that the entire camp experience runs smoothly and efficiently for each child. The day camp will have fun shows and events geared towards children’s enjoyment.

Here are some of our daily kids and teens activities:

  • Pre-School & Day Camps
  • Outdoor grass play areas
  • Toys, games & books for all ages.
  • Morning and afternoon’s Snacks
  • Early Kids Dinner
  • Chol Hamoed Evening Entertainment with a variety of activities- movie night, Magician, puppet show, storytellers, and more
  • Babysitting available for reasonable rates.


  • Meets every day for sports and other activities
  • Indoor Gym
  • Outdoor Basketball/ Tennis Court
  • Basketball, Ping Pong, Soccer Tournaments
  • Experienced staff